How to A Strike up a Conversation with a Girl You Don't Know

You see a beautiful woman across the room and you want to talk to her. The only problem is that you don't want to come across as though you're arrogant. You might be the whole package but she doesn't know it yet. If she's so beautiful that you feel intimidated, then that's an even bigger problem. She might be approached by men often and she's tired of turning down the advances of blokes like you.

It doesn't always have to feel this dreadful. With the right attitude and approach, you'll be able to talk to any girl that you like without fear.

Prepare yourself for rejection

The possibility of rejection is always there so you might as well prep yourself for it. The less you care about being rejected, the better you will be at approaching any girl since your confidence isn't based on other people's approval. If she does reject you, try to see it as a good thing and learn from it. You eventually become immune to rejection that approaching a girl won't seem like such a big deal at all.

Get her attention with eye contact

Look at her and then look away just as she catches your eye. Each time she looks at you to check if you're still watching her, look at her and give her a slight smile. This builds up the tension and preps her for the possibility of you approaching her. Nobody likes getting snuck up out of nowhere. If she doesn't reciprocate your glances, don't worry. At least by now, you'll have known what to expect should you decide to still approach her.

Awkwardness works, sometimes

If she catches you looking at her, you can look away at her sheepishly as if you're embarrassed. If you're talking to your friends, look distracted as if you can't focus because she's on your mind. In some cases, shyness can be a more attractive trait than arrogance. She might just be as equally shy as you and she'll appreciate the flattery given how hard it must have been for you to gather up the courage to approach her.

Move your feet

Stop living in your head too much and just approach her. Smile, extend your hand, and say hi. If you're lucky, she will reciprocate with a warm smile and give you her name too. Ask how she is, wait for her response, tell her why you approached her, and see where the conversation goes.

Make her laugh with your wit not pick up lines

You're better off making her laugh with your wit than with lame pickup lines. Pick up lines are only to be uttered by pick up artists. You're not a pick up artist. You're a man interested in making a genuine connection with a woman.

Telling a joke might make her laugh for a moment but peppering witty observations and funny remarks throughout the conversation turns you into something that most women admire, a funny and charming man. Once you get her to laugh a couple of times, you'll get her to talk to you longer. Try practicing with your friends and soon enough, being funny will become second nature.

Give her a genuine compliment

She's probably heard the same compliments over and over again so be as creative as possible. This can be tricky as you don't want to say something offensive. Keep it light and follow up with something funny. Not only will you make her smile, you'll make her laugh again too!

Be a gentleman

Every lady appreciates a gentleman. Not just any man who opens the door or pulls the chair to show off just how chivalrous they are but one who is a true gentleman. Women can usually tell when a guy is faking it. It takes time to cultivate such attitude but once you get used to it, it won't be as hard to impress a girl with how nice and respectful you are.

Keep these tips in mind and there is no woman in the world that you won't be able to approach.

When was the last time you approached a girl you didn't know? How did it go? Let us know in the comments!

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